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Beijing Huaxia Yongle Adhesive Tape Co? Ltd,? is located at the foot of Badaling Great wall which is famous in the world as its great view and beautiful scenery------Huaxia Industrial Park, Changcui Road, Changping District, providing high quality service for Customers all over the world relying on the abundant strength and advanced technology of Huaxia Group Factories which located in Hebei Zhuozhou Development Zone, Shanghai Songjiang Development Zone, Beijing Changping District etc? Company mainly produces and sells all kinds of adhesive tape products, such as Road Marking Tapes, Pressure-sensitive Ahhesive Tape, PVC Film and Tapes, BOPP Film and Tapes, Whole Series Machines for Adhesive Tape etc? With an annual output value of 1?8 billion and still increasing steadily?

Beijing huaxia yongle adhesive products co., LTD
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